Test and calibration services

Site & Local Services

TECHNOLOGISTS fundamental value proposition is providing local support.

Our company features a knowledgeable and skilful professional team, experienced in a wide variety of different industries ranging from O&G – upstream, midstream, and downstream; power and water, cement and minerals, into building electrification and automation.

Our team’s knowledge and experience are enhanced and enriched by the latest, most advanced engineering tools and state of the art, innovative technologies, allowing them to design, engineer and manage each stage of a project.

TECHNOLOGISTS put in place a unique team integration project execution methodology, which makes it possible to provide the scope of support to our clients unprecedented in the industry. Our integration, management, and optimisation methodologies also enable a smooth project execution, seamless start-up expediting, as well as the ability to share our thoughts and experiences with the end user’s team.

All our projects are brought to a successful completion thanks to our dedication, persistence, and continual assessment of the client’s needs and requirements.

The unique business model we use allows bringing any site servicing activities for the systems we supplied with a quick and efficient resolution. We pride ourselves on our perseverance, dedication and attention to every detail about the safety of your systems.

We are also able to provide a broad range of site services ranging from erection to installation for any third party system as well.

Members of our incredible support, engineering and administration teams work round the clock to generate all the required documentation for the client. Creating project documentation and drawings both for new projects and rehabilitation and revamp projects is the critical service we provide to our brownfield projects.

Each member of our team is made sure to have all the necessary and required certifications and experience to follow the complex job requirements posed by our clients.

What We Do

TECHNOLOGISTS takes great pride in the scope and complexity of the services we provide to our customers, which include:
  • Covering Automation & Electrical EPC works
  • Supporting Systems erection, installation, test and commissioning for the first party and third party’s systems
  • Conducting site surveys
  • Project documentation and drawings
  • Test and Calibration services
  • Supporting operation and Maintenance activities
  • Manpower/resources supply

Success Factors

All the services TECHNOLOGISTS provides to its customers also cover the design, engineering, procurement, project management, installation, testing and start-up parts of every aspect of the project. That way, we provide a unique, custom service to each client, and maintain the speed and efficiency of a turnkey project.

  • We are deeply and thoroughly committed to meet the project’s schedule
  • We believe that the key factor for success is establishing partnership with our client
  • We employ a team dedicated to meeting all the safety requirements posed by a project
  • We have a strong local presence and a dynamic team ready to respond to any request our customers might have quickly

Official Partners

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