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MCC low voltage control and distribution panels, as well as a wide range of drive panels,  are all necessary to successfully contain motor units, especially in a large production facility.

TECHNOLOGISTS employ a skilful and knowledgeable team with decades of combined experience in assembling, installing and maintaining low voltage panels.

Every electrical panel has to work correctly within a system to make it safe, reliable and efficient. All panels coming from TECHNOLOGISTS comply with the IEC 61439 and other Standards, which are monitored to ensure any updates and changes are implemented.

For a panel builder to become fruitful and reputable, high standards and low markups for mistakes are necessary. Apart from having the right engineering and manufacturing tools at disposal, a quality panel builder needs to have the support of a skilful and experienced team.

Being a local panel builder, allows us to manufacture and deliver all low voltage panels with unprecedented speed and eliminate transportation & travelling costs. The high quality of our product relies on our extensive, heavily equipped facilities, as well as our dedicated and innovative engineering team.

TECHNOLOGISTS provides all project drawings and follow-up documentation, with our control team working round the clock to ensure every aspect of the project complies with the IEC standards.

We offer consultations throughout the project to make sure our clients choose all the right panel components. Depending on each project’s requirements, our staff offers additional support installations and commissioning activities that can be done on site.

Depending on each project’s requirements, our staff provides additional support installations and commissioning activities that can be done on-site.

Our primary concern is providing a complete optimized and cost-effective solution to our clients. We advise our clients on how to select the right enclosure, as it has a direct impact on how well equipment is protected from environmental risks. Our experts provide the best solution on how to minimize the human impact, as well as how to give protection from powered panel parts.

Choosing the right IP protection and the size of the Busbar depends on each project, and we work closely with the client to make sure the best possible course of action is taken.

The arrangement of components inside our panels is designed and engineered to enable all subsequent assembling and maintaining activities.

What We Do

We offer an all-in-one solution to all electrical panel needs of facilities and provide the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, documentation and commissioning of:
  • MCC Low Voltage Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Distribution Panels
  • Drive Panels


We approach each client with the same care, dedication and deliverance, making sure you get the best possible service. The best possible service requires the best possible products, and TECHNOLOGISTS never disappoint when it comes to delivering. We deal with major global manufacturers like Eaton, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and others.

Knowing how valuable it is for a large plant to be able to oversee the quality and state of all its internal processes makes us a leader in the field.

Our offering follows strict safety regulations and standards, making its subsequent operating, maintaining and updating accessible to everyone.

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