Commitment, Accountability and Responsibility are virtues we systematically adhere to.



Our team bringing at least a decade of experience to the table, we believe that their words and actions bear considerable weight.



We consistently test, optimize and update our processes and never fail to implement the newest advancements on the cutting edge of technology.



Our teams oversee each project from start to finish and immerse themselves into its execution with the utmost professionalism and devotion.



With years of experience in project execution, TECHNOLOGISTS’ success is fueled by our deep knowledge of business management in a wide variety of different industries – from O&G and power to cement and the food industry.

Through our prevailing dedication, consistent innovation and commitment to delivering only the best possible results and by implementing impeccable work ethic to the years of combined experience in the field, our business mission and vision:

  • Exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Keep customers up to date with the latest technical information available
  • Become the most trusted and innovative systems integrator and trading partner in the region

Mohammed Abdullah


FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland, #15240/17, Safety Instrumented Systems)

Having spent two decades in the Industrial Automation and Low Voltage industries, Mohammed has acquired an enviable amount of hands-on experience in the many positions he occupied. Starting as a Field Engineer, he progressed into Engineering and Project Management, climbing his way to Sales and Business Management.

Sensing the rising needs of the local market, the years of experience have driven him to establish TECHNOLOGISTS Company. Using his deep understanding both of the region and the market demands, he has built a team of professionals whose work will support the development of growing businesses in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

TECHNOLOGISTS is well equipped to provide extraordinary efforts to deliver excellent services to support local Industrial Automation and LV Electrical projects.



We Are Local

TECHNOLOGISTS is a company whose past, present and future are constructed around a strong local presence. Both our clients and our employees have roots intertwined with the Kurdistan region of Iraq and its people. With a strong geographic and cultural bond with the area, we have taken upon ourselves the duty of creating a thriving, self-sustainable business environment in the region of Southern Kurdistan.

We pride ourselves in hiring the finest talent that graduates from local universities. As well as providing training, education and other opportunities for the local oil and gas industry workforce.

Operating and hiring locally is what sets TECHNOLOGISTS apart. It allows us to approach projects with unique inside knowledge and experience. And creating a productive and sustainable local labour market that benefits our clients.


We Are Experienced

We deliver value-added engineering services through a team of experienced professional engineers, consultants and technicians. Our experience means we build strong alliances and relationships with the customer’s team.

Experts in MAC

We Are Experts

Providing end-to-end solutions, fully optimized and cost-effective using advanced design and engineering tools. Our capabilities involve covering Main Automation Contractor (MAC) scope of work as well we are well positioned to deliver Instrumentation and Electrical (E&I) EPC Turnkey jobs.