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O&G Downstream

TECHNOLOGISTS are an independent system integrator with decades of combined experience in the field of industrial automation & electrical works, and as such, can answer to all your specific requirements about O&G downstream projects.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible project optimization, a one that will fit all their operational requirements.

We pride ourselves in ensuring the utmost safety and reliability, making it easier for our clients to focus on production without interruptions. Increasing safety doesn’t mean sacrificing efficiency – all our process automation and optimization endeavours are there to make sure peak performance is reached and maintained.

Our engineers and technicians work around the clock to provide your facility with the best possible solution for energy management, as it has become increasingly necessary to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach.

Critical control loops are a common occurrence in the O&G downstream sector, and our experienced and skilful team will have no problems with controlling and correcting any impending issues.

TECHNOLOGISTS Has started to shift its focus onto the large and mega-scale local project, where superior performance, speed and efficiency are important as cutting costs are.

We can act as the main automation contractor for downstream petrochemical producers and refiners, thanks in large to our long lasting and close relationships with leading automation vendors from around the world.

What We Do

Providing the design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning of the following systems:
  • Process Control Systems
  • Terminal Automation Systems
  • Industrial security and telecommunication systems
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESDs)
  • Fire & Gas Systems (F&G)
  • Fire and Gas Detectors and Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs)
  • Heat detection systems
  • Metering, loading and unloading skids
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Site services
  • Project management and documentation

Consultancy & Site Services

Being a LOCAL company, TECHNOLOGISTS stays in close contact with its clients since the early stages of each O&G Downstream project, we approach each client with the same care, dedication and deliverance, making sure you get the best possible service.

  • Supporting the required assessments and visibility studies
  • Preparing Instrumentation Data Sheets and Schedules
  • Making complete Loop Drawings, signals list and termination schedule
  • Preparing Cable Schedule documents
  • Supporting Procurement Activities
  • Doing all additional site work such as cable laying, JB installation, cable try and trench, panel erection and cable terminations

Official Partners

Rockwell Automation
Wonderware partner
HIMA partner
MEYLE partner