Oil and Gas Upstream services

O&G Upstream

TECHNOLOGISTS is a renowned and reputable end-to-end solution provider for upstream oil field operations. Our solutions are designed to extend the life of the wells and enable them to operate at a much higher rate with increased efficiency.

Our O&G upstream solutions minimize downtime and are engineered with the utmost safety and reliability in mind.

The digitalising of oil fields has now become an essential requirement in production operations, one that must be implemented for fields to operate successfully and efficiently.

TECHNOLOGISTS is here to help our clients work more efficiently, increase their safety and reliability of their operations, as well as cut any downtime. We also provide all necessary support before the start of the project, as well as throughout the project.

What We Do

Technologists O&G upstream solutions cover design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of:
  • SCADA System
  • Wellhead performance monitoring solutions
  • Wellheads fields instruments and valves
  • PLC/RTU Systems
  • Wellheads fields instruments and valves
  • Radio Communications System
  • FO Cable supply and installation
  • Industrial security and telecommunication systems
  • Project engineering documents and updating customer’s P&ID and other drawings

Consultancy & Site Services

Being a local company, TECHNOLOGISTS stays in close contact with its clients since the early stages of each O&G Upstream project, we approach each client with the same care, dedication and deliverance, making sure you get the best possible service.

  • Supporting the required assessments and visibility studies
  • Supporting pilot projects
  • Supporting pilot projects
  • Preparing Instrumentation Data Sheets and Schedules
  • Making complete Loop Drawings, signals list and termination schedule
  • Preparing Cable Schedule documents
  • Supporting Procurement Activities
  • Doing all additional site work such as cable laying, JB installation, cable try and trench, panel erection and cable terminations

We deal with major global manufacturers like Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, Siemens, E+H, YOKOGAWA and others. Plus we have close official partnerships with MEYLERockwell, Wonderware, HIMA and others.

Official Partners

Rockwell Automation
Wonderware partner
HIMA partner
MEYLE partner