O&G Midstream

O&G Midstream

Apart from establishing a safe working environment, the second most important thing terminal managers must focus on in making sure the inputs do not exceed its final outputs.

Overseeing, managing and controlling operations of such complexity manually is never an option, and an automated system need be employed.

TECHNOLOGISTS offers a custom, complete solution for all fully automated or semi automated O&G midstream terminal processes. An all-in-one provider of all control, management and automation systems necessary for the seamless functioning of the terminals.

Addressing the safety requirements of the entire midstream operation, as well as ensuring maximum efficiency of the whole process is our number one concern. Our expert team is in charge of installing and maintaining all the systems, never failing to partake in a set of actions that will minimize downtime and enable all subsequent refining processes to go faster.

What We Do

Providing the design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning of the following systems:
  • SCADA and Control Systems
  • Terminal Automation Systems
  • Fire & Gas Systems (F&G)
  • Fire and Gas Detectors and Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs)
  • Heat Detection Systems
  • Industrial Security and Telecommunication Systems
  • Metering, loading and unloading skids
  • Site services

Project management and project documentation

Consultancy & Site Services

Being a LOCAL company, TECHNOLOGISTS stays in close contact with its clients since the early stages of each O&G Midstream project, we approach each client with the same care, dedication and deliverance, making sure you get the best possible service.

  • Supporting the required assessments and visibility studies
  • Preparing Instrumentation Data Sheets and Schedules
  • Preparing complete Loop Drawings, signals list and termination schedule
  • Supporting Procurement Activities
  • Doing all additional site work such as cable laying, JB installation, cable try and trench, panel erection and cable terminations

We deal with major global manufacturers like Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, Siemens, E+H, YOKOGAWA and others. Plus we have close official partnerships with MEYLERockwell, Wonderware, HIMA and others.

Official Partners

Rockwell Automation
Wonderware partner
HIMA partner
MEYLE partner